Lycoris Recoil - Add this one to your watchlist!

Lycoris Recoil - Add this one to your watchlist!

Coverups, courage, action and kawaii-ness all mixed into one show, that's Lycoris Recoil for you!

A syndicate called Direct Attack, often referred to as 'DA', keeps acts of terrorism at bay through their program, the Lycoris. The Lycoris program consists or orphan girls who have been raised to carry out assassinations at a high level of skill.

Both Takina and Chisato are total opposites yet form the ultimate team when it comes to taking care of unfavourable situations and odd jobs where you'll truly get to see Chisatos sense of empathy prevail victorious even in the smaller jobs of just helping those in need!

The series starts off strong with Takina making a bold choice of picking up a machine gun to take back control of a losing gun fight and rescue her comrade who has been held hostage, this is where the plot of the series starts.. No spoilers here!

Chisato being compassionate, has her own way of taking care of tough situations, where she uses non-lethal bullets to lay down those who oppose her views! Without giving away too much, you can see how this duo are a total mismatch at first! 

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