Fraud Prevention Software

To help combat the ever growing problem of credit card fraud, we've implemented Fraud Prevention Software from NoFraud which screens all of the orders. Using this software on our site helps protect consumers from unauthorised credit card use and protects businesses against fraudulent orders. 

How does this work?

When you place an order via our site using a credit card, the Fraud Prevention Software performs an analysis check to determine if there are any irregularities with the information which you have provided us. If no warning flags are found, your order will be processed as per normal.

If the Fraud Prevention Software finds any irregularities with the information which you have provided us, we will place your order on hold and the team at NoFraud will contact you requesting some more information as to why some of these warnings signs have been detected. They may contact you in the form of an email/call or text message.

In some cases they may need further information to confirm your identity or verify your payment method and they will contact you on our behalf if this information is ever needed.

If we ever needed to confirm your identity, the information will only ever be viewed by Popculture Tengoku Limited and by our Fraud Prevention Analysts at NoFraud.

We respect your personal privacy and it is kept within the strictest confidence.

In a perfect world, we hope that we don't have to go down this route.

If your information checks out, your order will process as per normal.

Should an order be unable to be verified due to a lack of information, and the information still does not align with what's provided or there's no contact from the customer within 3 business days, we will cancel the order. If the funds have been paid, we will issue a full refund.

Known things which trigger our Fraud Prevention Software

  • Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • IP Changers

If you are placing an order via one of the above, we ask that you please switch it off when checking out as it triggers our FPS.

We may cancel your order and ask you to checkout again with the VPN/IP changer turned off.

Please note that if we or NoFraud contact you for further information, we're only trying to determine why warning flags have been detected within our Fraud Prevention Software, we're doing our part to combat credit card fraud.