Pre-Order Policy

What Is a Pre-Order and Why Offer Them?

A pre-order is a process where you are able to order an item that is not yet in stock, but allows you to purchase it in advance to secure your order. In other words, that item is now reserved for you.

Limited Pre-Order Stock and Orders Due

When we release new pre-orders, we usually have a limited number of units available, once the threshold has been reached, we will close the pre-orders for that particular item.

In some cases, pre-orders might remain open for a select time frame, the ordering period will close based on what comes first, the pre-order closing period or the stock allocation threshold being reached.

If an item is still available for pre-order but the pre-order cut off date has passed, which can be seen within the items description, please contact us for confirmation. Orders placed beyond an items pre-order cut off date may be cancelled.

If you have successfully pre-ordered an item, that item is now reserved for you.

Pre-Order Payment

Pre-orders under the value of $150 are charged upfront, immediately, unless other arrangements have been made beforehand.

High Value Pre-Orders and Deposits

Items which are valued at or over $150 can either be paid upfront in full or secured with an upfront deposit up to 25% of the specified item.

If you would like to secure your pre-order via a deposit, on the product page, select the pre-order payment method and choose to either pay in full or pay the deposit.

If the deposit option isn't available, reach out to us through the contact us page.

Once you have secured your preorder with a deposit, we will send you an email with a summary of what's been paid and the amount owing on your order.

When the product is in stock, we will send you an invoice which will take you to our checkout where you can pay the remaining amount as well as any remaining shipping fees too.

The final payment can be completed with either AfterPay, PayPal or your card.

If no contact has been made within 7 days after we have attempted to make contact regarding the final invoice, we will cancel your pre order and issue store credit for the deposit which has been made.

Pre-Order Cancellations

Pre-ordered items can be canceled and in lieu, we will issue store credit as opposed to a full refund.

In some cases, we may be able to offer a full refund, please contact us for more.

Pre-Order Release Dates

The items expected release date is listed within the product descriptions. If there are any delays to the release date, we will update the products information.

Our release dates may differ to those in Japan.

We don't offer any compensation for pre-orders which arrive late, sometimes pre-orders can be delayed for months beyond the estimated release date which is ultimately out of our control.

The Manufacturer has Cancelled the Pre-Order

In the unforeseen event of a manufacturer cancelling the order, we will issue you a full refund for your pre-order.

Unfortunately, this is something which is out of our control, and we will not issue any form of compensation any inconvenience caused.

Pre-Order Shipping

When a pre-order is released, little information is usually given around the exact weight and packaging size. When we list an item for pre-order, we provide estimates based on what information we are provided.

In some cases when the pre-orders information is far too vague to offer an estimate, or the expected size could be larger than expected we will request a deposit of 25% and send you an invoice. Once the item comes into stock, we will send you an invoice for the remaining amount as well as the shipping fees.

Pre-Orders and In-Stock Items Purchased Together

If a purchase has been made with both an in-stock item and a pre-ordered item, we may request additional shipping fees to be paid for having these items shipped out individually, as pre-ordered items are not yet in stock.