Hoi Hoi Mini with Hoi Hoi Carry Plus

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Model Specifications:
・This full action plastic model kit features several points of articulation.
・In addition to Hoihoi-san Mini’s original blue maid costume, the kit also includes a bonus black costume for Mini to match with Hoihoi-san. The model can be assembled with either color scheme.
・The runners come in six colors. The kit comes with five pre-painted parts such as face and eye parts, so just assembling the model kit will result in a product close to the character model.
・The partition for “HOIHOI CARRY” can be removed and the hatch on the back can be opened to store Hoihoi-san’s various weapons.
・Weapons such as the “Ping Pong Gun” can be attached to both sides of “HOIHOI CARRY” using the included hook parts.
・By changing out the eye parts with the other 3 types of eyes, you can change the line of direction that the model is looking (front, right, left).
・The logo mark for the apron has been tampo-printed.
・Decals such as eyes and the apron logo mark are included for users who prefer hand painting.

Included Items:
・Hoihoi-san Mini (With Two Options for the Maid Costume)
・Eye Parts: Looking Forward, Looking Right, Looking Left
・Hand Parts: Gripping (Left and Right), Weapon Holding (Left and Right), Open (Left and Right)
・HOIHOI CARRY Hook Parts x8
・HoiHoi-san Mini Weapon: Ping Pong Gun
・Hoihoi-san Weapons: Hand Gatling Gun, Arm Machine Gun, Handgun with Grenade Launcher, Revolver Magnum

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